What is Onbrd?

    Onbrd is your online hospitality management assistant helping you with all things human resources. The platform consisting of 3 separate and customizable modules:

  • Onboarding
  • Training and Development
  • Communication
  • What are the benefits of using Onbrd platform?

    Great question!! Our aim is to make your hiring, training & development and communication process super seamless while providing you with a wealth of resources. We simply want to make life easier for you so that you can focus on other important tasks, like spending time on the floor amongst your wonderful staff and guests.

    What is included in a Subscription?

    Depending on the package that you choose, it would include 1 or multiple modules, x amount of users, customer support and access to our library of relevant industry information. For further details click here

    How does your subscription work?

    While you have an option to purchase our subscription for a full 12 months at a discount, we do not believe in contracts. All we simply ask should you decide to cancel your service is for 30 days written notice.

    If I purchase the Basic package, can I further add users or modules?

    All of our packages are fully customizable with an option to add users, modules or locations. We even offer an Enterprise solution, which allows you access to our team to fully deck out the platform to your liking.

    Can I try platform before I subscribe?

    We are happy for you to give us a try for 7 days. Fill out this form and somebody will get in touch with you shortly (click here)

    What will happen with my content if I decide not to renew subscription?

    Should you decide not to renew we would be very sad to see you go!! :( If you have signed up to one of our modules where employee information is stored, we would send you all relevant files within 30 days. Similarly, if you have our On-Boarding module you can print all your employee files very easily.

    How is your customer service?

    The platform was built by hospitality professionals with the one simple purpose of helping businesses with their operations. We are sensitive to your time and responsive within 24- hours of a request being submitted. We are also available should you require individual assistance with any aspect of your business. Depending on the scope of request, additional fee might apply.