• Privacy Policy

    Onbrd.me INC.

    Onbrd.me Inc. (“Onbrd.me” or “we”), its officers, directors, and agents, are committed to maintaining the privacy, security, and accuracy of your Personal Information (as defined in PIPEDA). This Privacy Policy covers our online website, www.onbrd.me, and our mobile application (collectively referred to herein as “Onbrd.me Platform or “OP”), as well as any future platforms.

    Canadian privacy law requires that we obtain your consent in order to collect, use, or disclose Personal Information. This Privacy Policy outlines how Onbrd.me complies with applicable law and your options in directing Onbrd.me with respect to the use, collection, or disclosure of your Personal Information while using the Onbrd.me application.

    What Personal Information does Onbrd.me collect?
    The categories of Personal Information that Onbrd.me may collect about you include 1) your personal information, including your name, mailing address, residential phone numbers or email address, 2) your professional information, related to corporate involvements, work experience (past and present), credential details, related qualifications, and your attendance at scheduled shifts and ratings received and granted, and 3) your financial information, including hourly rates, hours worked, billing, and account information.

    Submitting Personal Information to Onbrd.me through the OP shall be considered by Onbrd.me to be your consent for us to collect, use, and disclose your Personal Information. Subject to restrictions under law or contracts, you may refuse to consent or withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Onbrd.me at the email address privacy@onbrd.me, at which time your account will be closed. If you refuse or withdraw your consent, Onbrd.me will make commercially reasonable efforts to comply and respond to your refusal or withdrawal of consent in a timely manner.

    How does Onbrd.me collect your Personal Information?
    Onbrd.me shall only collect Personal Information that you have provided to us voluntarily and in connection with your use of the Onbrd.me application and our website.

    How does Onbrd.me use your Personal Information?
    Onbrd.me only collects the Personal Information necessary to 1) provide the services for which your Personal Information is provided, 2) in order to perform administrative functions, such as processing invoices and payments, or 3) to comply with Onbrd.me’s legal or regulatory obligations.

    How does Onbrd.me disclose Personal Information?
    We will not disclose your Personal Information to any third party for financial benefit (e.g. sell, rent, lease, commercially exploit or otherwise disclose your Personal Information or data to third parties). Note that while disclosure by Onbrd.me is only done pursuant to this Privacy Policy, such disclosure does include instances where Onbrd.me is under a legal obligation to disclose, for instance and without limitation, if required by law or to cooperate with an investigation, or to comply with Onbrd.me’s legal or regulatory obligations. Subject to applicable law, Onbrd.me will take commercially reasonable steps to advise you of such disclosure prior to such disclosure.

    How does Onbrd.me protect your Personal Information?
    Onbrd.me takes very seriously its obligations to safeguard all data, regardless of its form, the medium on which it is stored, or its use in our business. In all instances, we endeavour to adhere to the highest available standards, taking steps to internalize the security of data and/or only dealing with trusted third party service providers. If we obtain your Personal Information, it is stored in our office, on computers, or trusted servers of entities that are affiliated with Onbrd.me that operate secure data networks protected by firewalls, encryption, and password protected systems.

    How long will Onbrd.me Retain your Personal Information?
    Archived copies of financial information shall only be kept in compliance with applicable law and relevant regulatory authority, otherwise, Onbrd.me will only retain your Personal and Professional Information for one (1) year following the last activity on your account.

    How can you access your Personal Information?
    You can contact Onbrd.me anytime through our website and confirm the accuracy of your Personal Information. Onbrd.me cooperates with all requests and ensures that such cooperation is done on a reasonable and expedited basis.

    Changes to our Privacy Policy
    Onbrd.me reserves the right, from time to time, and as appropriate and necessary, to amend this Privacy Policy. At all times, the most current policy shall be available at the company’s head offices and online.

    How do you contact us regarding access to your Personal Information or making complaints?
    All complaints or other inquiries regarding your Personal Information or our Privacy Policy should be forwarded to the email address privacy@onbrd.me with “Privacy” in the subject line.